Python and ASP question

Chuck Esterbrook echuck at
Sun Feb 27 23:18:43 EST 2000

I hacked together a quick prototype of ASP using Python as the language. So you don't use the ASP server or get any of its COM objects, but you do get HTML and Python using <% and %>. I don't know if you're stuck with ASP or not, or if that's more important to you than Python...

I could pursue this program some more by creating more test cases, refining it, etc. I don't know how much interest is out there.


yosefgold at wrote:

> I am trying to import a module (using the 'import' statement) into an
> ASP page and it does not seem to be working.  Is this a limitation of
> Python/ASP or am I doing something wrong?
> My real goal is to import one of my own modules into the Application
> context.  However, I tried importing some built in modules,
> like 'string' to see how these work.  The ASP page does not seem to
> recognize the 'import' statement.
> If import is not allowed, that severely limits the usefullness of using
> Python as a ASP scripting language.  The only other option would seem
> to be to make my Python components available as COM objects.  If I do
> this however, I might as well write the ASP pages in Jscript or
> VBscript.
> Is anyone using Python as an ASP scripting language for real projects?
> Thanks,
> Yosef Gold
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