Question concerning for COM (long, code included)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Feb 12 19:27:18 EST 2000

"Scott Anderson" <sanderson at> wrote in message
news:38A42C9B.268AF5D6 at
> mhammond at wrote:

> Next question then, since I'm getting the same error from static
> dispatch as I am from dynamic: are OCX controls treated differently
> "normal" COM objects?

Nope - everything is just a COM object.

> Here's what I'm getting:
> line 50, in __setattr__
> pywintypes.com_error: (-2147418113, 'Unexpected failure', None,

This is simply an error that has been returned from the object.
Python (or me) has no idea what has caused this.  Sorry.


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