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Sat Feb 26 13:34:41 EST 2000

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>Steve Holden wrote:
>> Tim Peters wrote:
>> > 
>> > [functional programming stuff with Moshe Zadka, who signed off with:]
>> > 
>> > > disagreeing-with-Guido-and-the-timbot-is-scary-ly y'rs, Z.
>> > 
>> > it's-only-half-as-scary-if-you-think-we're-the-same-ly y'rs  - tim
>> Sorry, but I have to disagree: that's at least twice as scary.  The
>> Timbot might well have been programmed in Yorkshire.  If I ever
>> see it write anything beginning with "I remember when I were an Icon
>> generator ..." that will increase the scariness factor still further.
>> "You had tail optimization?  You were lucky ..."
>The Timbot had a tail?  Heck, when I was lad we had to make 
>our own spines from discarded exoskeletons ...
>- Gordon
Tonight is Python night on TV; luckily I can remember this stuff from
the first time around so I'm going to the pub.
-pre-animately yrs- 
Robin Becker

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