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>>I prefer omniORBpy, but I wrote it so I'm not exactly unbiased.
>I may be talking to you in the future about this, if you don't mind.  As
>you're probably aware, I'm working on a COM implementation for Linux called
>GCOM.  The IDL for it will be based on CORBA's own IDL, and I plan on using
>GIOP for communications between local servers.  Remote servers are handled
>via GIOP-IIOP bridges (called ORBs ... go figure!).

Umm, perhaps I misunderstand, but in the CORBA world, GIOP is an "abstract"
protocol, of which IIOP is an instantiation which uses TCP as its transport
mechanism.  TAO has another version called UIOP which uses AF_LOCAL stream
sockets.  There is at least one other, for DECnet, I think, but nobody is
using it anymore.


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