Which GUI?

François Bédard bedard at info.uqam.ca
Fri Feb 18 15:57:14 EST 2000

I see no mention in this thread of JPython + Swing. Any special reason?

François Bédard

Anders M Eriksson <anders.eriksson at morateknikutveckling.se> has written
> Hello!
> As a new comer to Python I have not yet started programming apps that
> has a GUI. I have concentrated my efforts on CGI.
> But now I'm reaching the point of no return and I need to create apps
> with a GUI, but which one?
> I'm using Windows NT as my development platform and at the moment my
> apps will probably not be interesting enough for anyone else, but...
> I would like pro and cons for the different GUI's
> // Anders

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