Just tested Tcl/Tk 8.3.0 with Python: Some problems remain.

Peter Funk pf at artcom-gmbh.de
Fri Feb 25 08:38:01 CET 2000


Robin Becker wrote:
[...about my testing of Tcl/Tk 8.3.0 together with Python on Linux...]
> >(gdb) bt
> >#0  0x401812bf in FreeResources () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
> >#1  0x401810d4 in Tk_FreeConfigOptions () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
> >#2  0x401b546b in DestroyListbox () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
> I'm using pmw 0.8.1 with tcl/tk8.3 on win32 and don't seem to get this
> with any of the combobox demos. Which combobox demo and what exactly
> caused the problem

I've just rerun the 'ComboBox_test.py' in the Pmw_0_8_1/tests directory
and the problem stays the same.  The program segfaults during a test
with a pulled down listbox containing some longer strings.  Sorry,
that this is not very specific.  But at the moment I've no time to
investigate this further.  Your experience shows that this seems to be 
a problem related to the memory management under Unix/X11 only.

May be that I get some time next week and than I could try this on
one of our Solaris or IRIX boxes with Purify.

This morning I've seen, that the Box with Metrowerks Code warrior 5.0 for
the Mac just arrived on my desk.  This is required to build Tcl/Tk/Python
from Source under MacOS.  One of my employess will try this during the
next week.  I will report about our experience later.

Regards, Peter

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