Phython as In-Game scripting language

Shawn LeBlanc wrlddomprod at
Tue Feb 22 16:14:06 EST 2000


Being totally new to Python and completely honest in saying that
I have no idea of what I'm doing, I had a few questions.

My team and I are thinking about embedding Python into our
game engine on the Windows platform. The basic idea would be that the
major entities, including enemies, would have a script attached to
them to control behavior. This would allow the level/content designers
to concentrate more on the game design side of things, since
behaviors would be outside of the main game engine. Is it
possible to have multiple scripts running at the same time?
Would this involve creating multiple interpreter objects? According
to the docs, this is possible but it isn't totally safe to do.
What would be a good strategy for this?

My other question was one of performance. Is it crazy to have
~10 different objects with each an individual script and hoping
the game will be running at 30 frames per second? The question might not be 
valid, since I'm not sure how to implement it in the first

And lastly, is it faster to call C functions in Python or vice-versa?

with milk and cookies,
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