Python sucks loud

Samuel A. Falvo II kc5tja at
Sat Feb 12 11:15:48 CET 2000

In article <v3ap4.3325$dT4.205457920 at>, Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>he knows exactly who he is.  why else do you
>think he needs to behave like this to get any-
>one to listen to him, if only for a split second?

Heh...actually, I was rather enjoying myself, actually.  :) The trick is to
always find a way to out-wit or out-spout the other guy.  There's no hard
feelings involved here at all.  Baiting the baiter is a sport in and of
itself.  Sometimes you back yourself into a corner though, and that gives
your pseudo-opponent the upper hand.  That can get embarrasing sometimes,
but hey, it's all in good fun.  At least I think so.  :)

But I digress.  By popular demand, I'll quit it now.

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