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Fri Feb 4 16:01:49 CET 2000

Pieter Nagel <pieter at> writes:

> The problem with most "world-class IDEs" is that they try to provide
> everything, in a single, non-extensible, forced, and closed way -
> instead of just creating an "ecology" within which everything can
> easily be provided.

Exactly. I was tempted to switch from Emacs to IDLE for Python
development, but it didn't last long. Not because IDLE is bad or
doesn't have advantages over Emacs, but because I develop in Python +
C, and IDLE won't handle the C part.

Emacs may not be the latest technology, but it allows integration of
anything which has a command line interface. And I won't accept any
IDE, world-class or not, that doesn't, nor any tool that doesn't
provide a command line interface.
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