Real Problems with Python

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Feb 16 06:55:15 CET 2000

[Bijan Parsia]
> Er..Just out of curiosity, what *can't* you model in Scheme? :)

> Smalltalk <wink>.

[Tres Seaver]
> I'd be willing to venture some of Forth's wierder stuff, too.

'Twas but a joke, Tres (Bijan is a Smalltalk fan, and had a Perl fan asked
instead I would have answered Ruby <wink>).  Scheme is exceptionally good at
modeling unusual semantics, which is why, e.g., GNU picked Scheme as the
basis of its GUILE project.

a-joke-explained-is-always-funnier<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

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