PyExpat update

Mark C Favas mark at
Mon Feb 7 17:45:18 EST 2000

Paul Prescod <paul at> writes:

>I did some work on pyexpat over the weekend. Modulo bugs I have
>introduced, I think that my changes so far have all been backwards
>compatible. I list my new features at the bottom of this message.

<---- snip ---->

Is there any chance that pyexpat could handle DTDs and thus default values for
attributes (I believe there was a test version of expat that added this
capability...) I'd like to use the SAX interface to that to spped parsing up -
I currently use the validating xmlproc part of the PyXML-0.5.3 package.

In hope,

>setjmp/longjmp is gone
>setjmp/longjmp works on Windows

Umm - did setjmp/longjmp come back?

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