Coding problems with ftplib and uploading a file

Patrick Phalen python-list at
Fri Feb 18 16:01:06 EST 2000

[pem at, on Fri, 18 Feb 2000]

::      ftp = FTP('servername')
::      ftp.login('uname', 'passwd')
::      ftp.sendcmd('cdup')
::      ftp.sendcmd('cdup')
::      ftp.cwd('/web')
::      fini = open('/myfile.html').readlines()
::      ftp.storlines('STOR ' fini)
::      ftp.quit()
:: All of the commands work just fine except for the storlines command.  I
:: have read all of the documentation available to me at work (Programming
:: in Python and Learning Python, and web docs on ftplib) but none are
:: clear about the syntax of the storlines command.  In addition, I read
:: the as well as the rfc 959 on FTP and I guess I am just not
:: getting it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need a comma between 'STOR ' and fini

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