Python and reentrancy?

Arinte jamarijr at
Wed Feb 23 08:15:58 EST 2000


I have this situation.  I have python embedded in a .dll, and that dll
is loaded by a program that talks to some hardware.  I setup a callback
in  python, so that when I get certain info from the hardware it is
supposed to tell python thru the callback.  When I first establish the
callback I send a message to it and it works fine.  But, when I run a
python script that should post info while the script is running it
doesn't seem to work.  Basically, I want it to work like a Windows
message, while the script is running if a message comes in it should
post it and still be running the usual part of the script.  Do I need
to do anything special to achieve that?

Also, what if I want the script to wait until a message has been posted
thru the callback?  Kind of like a Thread wait event, but without
having to create a extra thread.


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