Off Topic Posts

Gene Chiaramonte gchiaramonte at
Fri Feb 11 00:34:16 CET 2000

Please stop the madness! I can't take it anymore.

Can the admins of this list please setup another newsgroup for posts
regarding python language opinions? Lets keep this list for people who need
help USING PYTHON to solve real problems. There is a great group here and
they have helped me tremendously in getting up to speed with python. The
support here is great and much better than any commercial support I have
ever received. I worry that the constantly increasing number of off topic
opinion type posts here has gone above a reasonable threshold.

Better yet - If you don't like Python, don't use it. There a plenty of other
languages that have a delimited block structure. Go use C or C++, use Delphi
and type Begin...End 100 times day. Use VB if that's your thing. But leave
Python alone.

Enough already! If it's not a Python question, don't waste your time sending
it in the first place.



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