IDLE and Hooks in apps for usage of My Favorite Editor

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake at
Thu Feb 10 13:35:47 EST 2000

chris patti writes:
 > I think it's heavily proprietary and not available as source code.

  I don't really care if it's available as source.  I don't think the
interface is documented beyond the API, and that's not good enough for 
an alternate implementation.  If anyone's found a specification (below 
the API level), or knows about an implementation based on reverse
engineering of a working system, that's good enough for me. ;)
  There is another message bus system based on X11 called KoalaTalk,
but I'm not sure of it's current status; see

It depends on libICE from X11R6, but the manual indicates that clients 
don't need to be X clients, which I find confusing.  Perhaps someone
who knows more about what's in libICE can explain what libICE has to
do with it; it looks like it's based on Sun RPC, so it *should* be
usable just about anywhere.  The archives on the FTP site are dated
1995, so it appears unmaintained.  The Koala project's home page
( certainly leads me to think this isn't
  Or it could be bug-free.  ;)


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