oups ! it was an answer to this one ..-^

Jerry 2jerry at writeme.com
Tue Feb 22 02:37:07 CET 2000

nothing to add

Jerry <2jerry at writeme.com> a écrit dans le message
<88sod7$cut$1 at wanadoo.fr>...
>I just unzip PIL on python directory,
>copy _tkinter.pyd and _imaging.pyd in python base directory
>then add <python base dir>\pil15b2\imaging in the PYTHONPATH variable ..
>you can verify it using the IDLE:
> open it
> then : import sys
> then : for f in sys.path:
>             print f
> sure , if import image doesn't work ..
>that simple but, elsewhere can you detail the unsuccess symptomatics ?
>maybe something more difficult ...
>Jerry the foolish dracomorpheus,
>alias jérôme VACHER.

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