Which GUI?

Jason Stokes jstok at bluedog.apana.org.au
Mon Feb 28 23:46:46 CET 2000

Vadim Zeitlin wrote in message ...
>On 26 Feb 2000 23:38:03 GMT, William Tanksley
<wtanksle at hawking.armored.net> wrote:
>>Oh, one of the wxWindows supported platforms is -- are you ready for this
>>-- Curses.
> Sorry, I have to correct you here. wxWindows does not support text mode UI
>and neither does wxPython. This could be done (and I wanted to do it at one
>moment), but more time passes, less chances there are that it will ever
>happen. I would love to be able to have wxCurses port, but there is
>not enough interest in it.

WxWindows does have a Curses port -- for version 1.1.  But even it's
incomplete.  It's impossible to port all of wxWindows over to Curses, but a
certain subset can be.

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