Tim Peters tim_one at
Mon Feb 28 01:54:51 CET 2000

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[Ken Seehof, pitches an IDE SIG]

Note that this is essentially an attempt to resurrect the Progenv-SIG under
a new name.  The latter was killed off in January of '98 after inspiring a
grand total of about 40 msgs (including spam <wink>) over its entire life.

There are many more IDE-type projects in existence today than then, but the
Big Unknown is whether IDE developers will actually participate.

> Why comp.lang.python won't do:
> - Scope is too broad for a single discussion thread
> - Too easy to miss something important because of the chaos

Neither objection would apply to, e.g., an egroups list.  A full-blown SIG
likely requires a couple hundred members to justify the hassle on CNRI's

yet-another-reason-the-types-sig-was-born-doomed<wink>-ly y'rs  - tim

PS:  I'd certainly sign up for the IDE SIG if it's created.

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