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Wed Feb 9 13:00:00 EST 2000

I had Python 1.5.1 working fine with tkinter on mkLinux, then decided to
upgrade to 1.5.2.  The short version is that now tkinter doesn't work altho I
had edited /Modules/Setup and  everything seemed to compile ok.  Following
the suggested test procedures, I can do import Tkinter and import _tkinter,
but  when I do Tkinter._test(), I get:	XIO: Fatal IO error 0 (unknown error)
on X server ":0.0"  after 18 requests (17 known processed) with 1 events
remaining.  and Python shuts down. I assume that X is unhappy about something
(I am running kde),  but I am at a loss to understand what. If anyone has any
suggestions about resolving this,  I'd be most grateful for your help.
Thanks.  Richard Gordon

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