Which GUI?

Nicolas Devillard ndev42 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 11:47:50 CET 2000

--- Gerrit Holl <gerrit.holl at pobox.com> wrote:
> > - Does not need ANY extra library to compile, i.e.
> > knows how to talk to the underlying windowing
> > library underneath,
> > whether it is X11, Motif, Windows or Mac.
> This does not exist.

Tcl/Tk does just that.

> > - Clean design, if possible OO.
> All GUI's have this feature, As Far As I Saw So Far.

Tcl/Tk is not OO (at least not in its base version).
> > The only problem I have
> > with Tkinter is that it is truly
> > Python/Tkinter/Tcl/Tk, which
> > means a whole bunch of software to install
> > before you
> > actually can get a single widget on screen.
> On Windows, this is needed for every GUI. On Linux,
> GTK and QT are most likely already installed.

What about Solaris? HPUX? IRIX? AIX? OSF/1 or the
latest True64? They do not come with fancy GUI
stuff pre-installed, only X11.

"Most-likely installed" is not enough. It is either
there or not. X11 is always there on Unixes, otherwise
the user would not even bother about GUIs.

> > What happened to Rivet??
> I haven't seen Rivet yet. Nor I've looked at STDWIN
> yet.

Thanks for this... er... constructive answer :-)

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