const for bytecode optimization...

Michal Wallace sabren at
Sat Feb 12 06:11:54 CET 2000

Michael Hudson wrote in message ...

>It is called __debug__:

Well, I'll be. Thanks! (you too, Skip)

>There's definitely mileage in making the compiler a little cleverer.
>In the mean time, there are a few packages that will do post hoc
>optimization; my bytecodehacks package is one, Skip Montanero has

I'll have to check that out :)

>There's not *too* much mileage here without doing type
>analysis/annotation of one sort or another, and that's a *hard*
>problem (see December Types-SIG, for instance).

I'm curious.. Has anyone else tried writing another language
that compiles to run on the Python virtual machine?

I would think that if someone did that, they could have all the
language features they wanted... and access to everything
written in python.. (kinda like JPython does for Java)...


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