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Channel21 Python Team python at channel21.com
Sat Feb 26 23:37:01 CET 2000

Well, I figured out why I was serving up blank asp pages ...

After one of the asplist guys gave me the idea about the com issues w/
sybase, etc... ( I posted that email to this list ) I tried the following:

 I tried making pages w/ just <%@ Language=Python%> and it worked fine.
 Then, I imported a few standard modules (string, os, random, time) and it
worked fine.
 I imported one of my modules and it worked fine.
 But, when I imported any database access modules (or modules which called
other db access modules) the pages were blanked...

 So, I figure I try to import the root db access module (also the same one
which all other db access-type modules use before changing default db user)
from the command line.
 Lo and behold, I get an INVALID LOGIN error spit back by SQL.
 Hmm... why is that? 
 So, I go and nuke the DSN and then add it again, making sure to use the
same login and password I have set in the module.
 Reload module, and bam! INVALID LOGIN again!

 So, I figure it's not compiling properly, so I should go and manually
delete the .pyc file and see what happens...
 Only problem is there is NO PYC FILE!?  
 This make me do a FIND on all 81G worth of HDD space to fine files matching
the module name, and BAMMO - there's the .pyc file (obviously disconnected
from the source file) in some completely random directory.
 I delete the renegade .pyc (and most of all my other non-lib .pyc's), and
successfully import the module, and make a db call on it. I reboot the
machine and VOILA! The sites are up and running ;)

Now, lets hope that IIS doesn't start crashing again... 

- Jason *blushing* 

Jason S. Nadler
Lead Programmer
Channel21 Productions, Inc.

   ... What are you doing right now?

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