Just tested Tcl/Tk 8.3.0 with Python: Some problems remain.

Robin Becker robin at jessikat.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 25 01:41:05 CET 2000

In article <m12O7iz-000CnCC at artcom0.artcom-gmbh.de>, Peter Funk
<pf at artcom-gmbh.de> writes
>Some challenging hours ago I wrote:
>> Subject: Just tested Tcl/Tk 8.3.0 with Python: It works (on SuSE Linux)!
>> I've just installed and build the Tcl/Tk 8.3.0 combo from source and
>> tested it together with a rather recent Python CVS tarball (Feb 10th,
>> But since the Python test suite currently does nothing with Tkinter,
>> my testing of the Tkinter/Tcl/Tk 8.3 combo is still incomplete.
>But the Pmw (python mega widgets) Toolkit, current version is
>0.8.3, contains a rather long and decent test suite called All.py,
>which used to run without error on Python 1.5.2 with Tcl/Tk 8.0.5.
>This test suite stresses also many parts of the underlying Tk-Subsystem.
>Unfortunately this test crashes the interpreter during the combobox
>test with the following back trace (shortened here):
>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>0x401812bf in FreeResources () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>(gdb) bt
>#0  0x401812bf in FreeResources () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>#1  0x401810d4 in Tk_FreeConfigOptions () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>#2  0x401b546b in DestroyListbox () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>#3  0x402722c3 in Tcl_EventuallyFree () from /usr/local/lib/libtcl8.3.so
>#4  0x401b65e7 in ListboxEventProc () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>#5  0x40183424 in Tk_HandleEvent () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>#6  0x40199332 in Tk_DestroyWindow () from /usr/local/lib/libtk8.3.so
>#54 0x8079482 in PyEval_EvalCode (co=0x80db5d8, globals=0x80ac7e0, 
>    locals=0x80ac7e0) at ceval.c:324
>#55 0x805d48e in run_node (n=0x80ab188, filename=0xbffff14d "./All.py", 
>    globals=0x80ac7e0, locals=0x80ac7e0) at pythonrun.c:891
>#56 0x805d43c in run_err_node (n=0x80ab188, filename=0xbffff14d "./All.py", 
>    globals=0x80ac7e0, locals=0x80ac7e0) at pythonrun.c:876
>#57 0x805d408 in PyRun_File (fp=0x80a9ae8, filename=0xbffff14d "./All.py", 
>    start=257, globals=0x80ac7e0, locals=0x80ac7e0) at pythonrun.c:864
>#58 0x805cb07 in PyRun_SimpleFile (fp=0x80a9ae8, 
>    filename=0xbffff14d "./All.py") at pythonrun.c:574
>#59 0x805c759 in PyRun_AnyFile (fp=0x80a9ae8, filename=0xbffff14d "./All.py")
>    at pythonrun.c:455
>#60 0x804fa23 in Py_Main (argc=2, argv=0xbfffee84) at main.c:294
>#61 0x804f500 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbfffee84) at python.c:12
>May be someone else feels eager to reproduce this on his personal
>platform?  Or investigate this further in more detail? ;-)
>Or eager to forward this experience to the Tcl/Tk people?
>Regards from Germany, Peter

I'm using pmw 0.8.1 with tcl/tk8.3 on win32 and don't seem to get this
with any of the combobox demos. Which combobox demo and what exactly
caused the problem
Robin Becker

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