Comparing perl and python

Tim Peters tim_one at
Thu Feb 24 22:39:54 EST 2000

[Aahz Maruch[
> Best description I ever heard [of Perl] was "`sed' on crack".

[François Pinard]
> Even if I am a Python lover now, I'm a previous Perl addict, and Perl was
> not that bad[1].  So, even if humorous, such judgements are derogative
> and unfair, and we should stay more open minded.

No way -- this newsgroup has a Zero Tolerance policy for drugs <wink>.
Frankly, I expect Larry Wall would be tickled by the "sed on crack"
description.  Just as Guido would be by calling Python "Perl on Thorazine".

> ...
> I just hope that Python will learn from, and avoid Perl social mistakes.
> That would not be an easy challenge, if Python starts growing too fast...

Well, has high tolerance for bad taste, even extending to humorous
wordplay that can be perceived as derogative and unfair (Monty Python would
approve).  It has low tolerance for flaming, though, and that appears to be
key.  People withdraw from overly contentious threads here just a tad or two
beyond the point where they *start* becoming flamewars, letting them die or
moving them off the group.  Doesn't hurt to remember that everyone was a
newbie once, too. y'rs  - tim

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