PROPOSAL: fix tabs & spaces in default library

Charles Hixson charleshixsn at
Wed Feb 16 22:36:10 CET 2000

Personally I feel that the whitespace leading the line should be chunked into
groups of two or three spaces.  If you don't want to call the "thing" used to
identify a chunk a tab, then call it something else, but the tab key is convenient
to generate it with, and the usage is appropriate for tabs which have,
historically, been setable except for a small period of time on unix (and possibly
other) systems.

I don't like using leading spaces, as different fonts/platforms indent them
differently, and in some of them a space isn't large enough to detect by
eyeballing the code.

François Pinard wrote:

> Gerrit Holl <gerrit.holl at> writes:
> > in the default library reference, almost all modules are indented with
> > four spaces, but not all. What about running a script on it so they are
> > all indented four spaces?
> Also, by the way, I would suggest that the Python distribution tries better to
> comply with Guido's coding standards for white space within lines.  To make a
> complete picture of what I would like for each and every line of code:
> * four spaces per indent on the left,
> * no space before function opening parenthesis in the middle,
> * no spurious space at all, ever, on the right :-).
> Guido does not agree that the third point is important, yet I think that
> it is clearly mandated by perfection!  What else for us, anyway! :-)
> --
> François Pinard

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