[CORBA] omniNames feature request

Martin von Loewis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 14 12:04:12 EST 2000

kc5tja at garnet.armored.net (Samuel A. Falvo II) writes:

> (Why, oh WHY didn't OMG specify a fixed TCP/IP port and object key for the
> name service?  Is it really too much to ask for?!)

As an update to what Duncan said: The "Interoperable Naming
Specification Finalization Task Force" (INS FTF) has completed its
work, and their updated specification is currently being voted by the
technical committee.

IANA has assigned port 2809 for CORBA bootstrapping purposes. The INS
spec assumes this as the default in the corbaloc URLs; the default
object key for the name service is "NameService".


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