Session variable in python

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Wed Feb 9 03:27:59 EST 2000

John Nielsen <nielsenjf at> wrote:
> rchowd1 at wrote:
> > How do we handle sessions in python (server side) ?
> >
> > Could you please explain with a simple example with a form
> > (client-side) and python (server-side).
> You're probably not using 'SetValue' in  order to set
> session/application values.

umm.  just curious, but I thought Python was
a programming language, not a web application

or in other words, the answer could have been
"it depends on what web server environment
you're using".  but not this time.

yet another case of mostly anonymous my-deja
posters asking (and in this case answering) a
strange question.

who's behind this secret conspiracy?

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stevie_dej- at pickling parent
thucdat114- at corel + borland = the end of MS win
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    "Erase your 95/98/NT, install Linux now.
    Bright future for everything."

(hmm.  is it just me, or is it a trend in there...)

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