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Thu Feb 17 22:16:57 CET 2000

Hi All--

"Garrett G. Hodgson" wrote:
> osorronophris osorronophris wrote:
> >
> > I'm a die-hard C++ programmer that recently took up Python for a change of
> > scenery and am enjoying it greatly.  The one problem I am having is that I
> > can't break myself of the semicolon habit.  I've tried chewing gum but it
> > just doesn't seem to work, and I'd like to avoid the patch.  Any ideas?
> glue an inverted thumbtack to your ";" key.
> if that doesn't work, coat it with poison,
> or maybe LSD.

I guess it shows what sort of person I am when I find this suggestion at
once gleefully morbid and deliciously elegant in its simplicity. 
Surely, it is the most Pythonic of the proferred solutions.

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