Ann: PMZ - Poor Man's Zope

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Feb 3 22:57:44 EST 2000

Paul Prescod wrote:

> Gordon McMillan wrote:
> > 
> > Hmm. Looks to me like PMZ runs anywhere, DTML in Zope,
> > ASP under IIS and PSP under a servlet style web server.
> Ahh, but those are implementations. The language is the interface.

Which language? HTML? Python? Python embedded in HTML 

How long will it take to define a SAX superset to parse oddball 
things people stick in XML comments?
> Okay, some of these are probably (?) syntactically constrained by their
> environments (PSP and Python on ASP) ... but there must be lots of areas
> where they could standardize stuff, especially in the all-Python
> implementations like PMZ, DocumentTemplate and "real" Zope.

We're not talking about a standard interface to transforming 
standardized data into non-standard form. This stuff goes the 
other way (for an extremely debased notion of "standardized").

Better yet, you could write your own, then claim it's a 
standard <wink>!

- Gordon

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