PythonWin -- print option?

Dennis Lee Bieber wlfraed at
Thu Feb 24 00:36:49 EST 2000

	Forgive the possibly obvious... I've just installed Python 1.5.2
and PythonWin. I did manage to figure out why the PythonWin options
didn't work (seems I needed to add PythonWin to the autoexec.bat PATH).

	However, PythonWin has a print button, along with print entries
on the File menu. All of these are ghosted out in my installation.

	Are these place-holders for a future capability, or is there a
likelihood of some other missing information in my configuration? 

	(I just managed to get IDLE to run -- apparently my system isn't
layed out like M$ defaults; I put non-M$ programming languages under
"C:\Programming Languages\" rather than "C:\Program Files\", so not even could find the tk/tcl DLLs until I put a copy into the Python
directory <G> Is there anyway to change the font used by IDLE, it is
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