BSDDB copyright and licensing restrictions while in use viaPython

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Wed Feb 16 13:13:53 EST 2000

Oleg Broytmann <phd at> wrote:
>    I am not a lawer, but I don't see any problem here. SleepyCat's FAQ
> has clear statement (
> 22.Do I have to license Berkeley DB to use it in Perl or Python?
>      No. The Berkeley DB license requires that software that uses Berkeley
> DB be freely redistributable. In the case of Perl or Python, that software
> is Perl or Python, and not your scripts. Any scripts you write are your
> property, including scripts that make use of Berkeley DB. None of the
> Python or Berkeley DB licenses place any restrictions on what you may do
> with them.

a real lawyer would probably read the *license* rather than
the FAQ ;-)

-- and that license isn't fully compatible with the last sentence
in the FAQ entry.  (looks more like LGPL to me: if you redistribute,
you need to provide sources for the database engine and the
interface code used in your application).


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