Phython as In-Game scripting language

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Thu Feb 24 18:32:05 EST 2000

shawn_leblanc at wrote:
: Just so I understand (and also because my
: programmer teammates are asking me questions), is
: unmodified (no stackless or microthreads) Python
: unable to run multiple scripts at the same time?
: I'm thinking no because if Python was able to run
: multiple scripts simultaneously, there
: wouldn't be a need for SP or MT's.

Sorry, my last post must have been unclear. There are standard
Python modules called "thread" and "threading" documented on
these two web pages:
These modules assume that threads are available at the OS level.
I think this stuff is switched on in the standard executables you'd
pull down from, such is the impression I get from
looking at Modules/ I haven't verified that; you
might end up needing to rebuild Python from source to take advantage
of this.

I don't think you can get multiple scripts to run simultaneously
without using one of these three: SP, MT, OS threads. But I haven't
looked at how Zope handles this, maybe there's a fourth way I don't
know about.
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