Python aka. Smalltalk Lite?

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Sun Feb 13 19:45:46 EST 2000

Bernhard Herzog <herzog at> wrote in message
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> It seems to me that deciding what super should do is quite
> straightforward in Python.
> Given e.g.
> class Xyzzy(Spot, The, Looney):
> def walk_silly(self):
> super()
> Then super would evaluate to whatever Xyzzy.walk_silly would evaluate
> to if walk_silly weren't an attribute of Xyzzy.

Suppose we have...

class Xyzzy(Spot, The, Looney):
    def walk_silly(self):
        return super()
    walk = walk_silly

... what should Xyzzy().walk() do?  The name 'walk' is in no way accessible
to the implementation of 'super'.  Apart from that, I suppose if it can
somehow get hold of the method object, 'super' could find the __name__ of
the method and the class to which it's bound, and go from there.  I'd expect
it to have to be called as 'super(self)', though.


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