Real Problems with Python

Peter Sommerfeld peter.sommerfeld at
Wed Feb 16 19:31:34 CET 2000

>[Bijan Parsia]
>> Er..Just out of curiosity, what *can't* you model in Scheme? :)
>> Smalltalk <wink>.
>[Neel Krishnaswami]
>> I know this is a joke,
>Shhh!  Don't spoil the fun for Bijan <wink>.
>> but wasn't Scheme invented because Sussman wanted to understand
>> how Smalltalk worked by implementing something like it in MacLisp?
>> I thought that the Smalltalk and Scheme designers were in regular
>> communication.

Scheme was originally invented when Steel & Sussmann made an experimental
Lisp implementation of Carl Hewitt's Actor model which has been has been
influenced by Smalltalk. [G.L. Steele: The Evolution of Lisp]. Actors are
objects which communicate by messages but without an explicit return path.
The continuation is determined by the receiving actor only.

-- Peter

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