Python Palm Pilot Hotsync Conduit

Rob Tillotson n9mtb at
Fri Feb 11 21:40:12 CET 2000

bgdarnel at (Ben Darnell) writes:
> But wouldn't it be possible to get Pyrite to use your code instead of
> pilot-link on Windows, thus getting full integration with Palm's Hotsync
> from a cross-platform conduit?  I think this idea is worth pursuing
> (although I'm not the person to do it, since I don't work with Windows
> much).

I'm not sure whether it would be worth the effort to do, but it
shouldn't be too difficult.  (This sort of inside-out arrangement is
one of the reasons I did all that rewriting of Sulfur in 0.9.x... one
of these days there will be a standard, external conduit manager on
Unix too, and I want Pyrite to be able to work with it.)  Basically,
you would need to do two things:

  - create a new Store plugin which uses the Python->PalmDesktop glue
    code, instead of pilot-link.

  - replace parts of the Sulfur application context, specifically the
    parts that deal with finding and starting a Pyrite application.
    Among other things, the context would have to instantiate the new
    Store and put a reference to it in the application object's
    "remote" attribute.

This would allow a whole series of Pyrite conduits to run within a
Palm Desktop sync session.  If you want to anything really fancy like
using the Palm Desktop's native sync logic, though, things will get
much more complicated...

(Unfortunately, I can't do much about any of this at the moment, as I
don't know much about Windows development and probably don't have the
resources to do it anyway.)


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