[CORBA] omniNames feature request

Samuel A. Falvo II kc5tja at garnet.armored.net
Tue Feb 15 23:56:22 EST 2000

>Well, the INS does not, strictly, permit you to synthesize your own IOR; it
>does provide for means to pass the appropriate parameters (host, port) to your
>ORB and let *it* do the synthesizing (there may be negotiations involved with
>the ORB of the NS).  You then get access to it through the ORB:
>  ns = orb.resolve_initial_references( "NamingService" )

UUGH!  That's anything but well factored.  Once again, CORBA screws up.  :(

I would have done things differently (using C; sorry, I don't know Python's

CORBA_Object_ptr rmtObj;
CORBA_CosNameService_ptr nameService;
CORBA_Environment ev;

rmtObj = CORBA_IIOP_make_IOR( "garnet.armored.net", 2809, "NameService", &ev );
assert( ev._major == CORBA_NO_EXCEPTION );
nameService = CORBA_CosNameService__narrow( rmtObj );
assert( CORBA__is_nil( nameService ) == FALSE );

... etc ...

I mean, how can they _not_ see this?  This solution is vastly more powerful
and is so painfully and patently obvious that I cannot fathom how noone can
think of it.



KC5TJA/6, DM13, QRP-L #1447
Samuel A. Falvo II
Oceanside, CA

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