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Sun Feb 13 13:33:21 EST 2000

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Tim Peters <tim_one at> wrote:
>[Aahz Maruch]
>> Would make it a lot easier to do, say,
>> def foo(bar):
>> 	print bar
>> foo(a;b;c)
>Since it's unclear why that's an interesting thing *to* do, I'm not sure why
>it would be an advantage to make it easier to do it <wink>.

Here's (what I hope is) a slightly clearer example:

def foo ( bar, baz ) :
	print bar
	print baz

foo ( a;b;c, d ) # doesn't work
foo ( (a,b,c), d )

I find the former to be clearer; I'm uncomfortable with the idea that
arguments to a function are necessarily tuples (which is what the
current syntax implies).
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