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Randall Hopper <aa8vb at> writes:

> Warren Postma:
>  |> Now is there a way to put these color settings in an ".idlerc" of sorts so
>  |> they're kept from version to version without hacking any source?
>  |
>  |How about checking your working (and home directory for unix} for an
>  |"" on Unix and if so, run it.
> Sounds good, but IDLE doesn't support it.

Don't forget the time machine! It's a little known and perhaps
undocumented feature of Tkinter that it tries to execute a coule of
files in the user's home directory on startup. See the readprofile
method of the Tk class in 

In IDLE'S case, one of the files is ~/

I don't use IDLE myself, but I just tried it with the version that comes
with 1.5.2 and it works. On potential problem is that this happens very
early on and important parts of IDLE might not be initialized yet. In
Sketch at least this feature is practically worthless because of that.

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