pdb.set_trace() and fork() on unix

curtin at my-deja.com curtin at my-deja.com
Wed Feb 16 09:06:41 EST 2000

i have a set of scripts that create processes (fork()/exec())
to do some work. i had written the scripts originally on NT and
debugged using mhammond's PythonWin. when the scripts did
the CreateProcess() his debugger did not get "hosed" at all.

i'm now porting these over to solaris and have to convert to
fork()/exec()/waitpid(). i tried placing some pdb.set_trace()s
after the fork() and my tty gets hosed (standard unix debugger
fork() issue).

i'm just wondering how other python/unix developers debug this kind
of issue. this makes me think how nice the NT environment
really was.



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