buffer_info() for arrays but not structs?

Gene Chiaramonte gchiaramonte at ibl.bm
Tue Feb 29 20:49:47 CET 2000

Good point. duh :-(

I have been using windll from Sam Rushing to get a pointer to a variable.

var1 = windll.membuf(struct.pack('f', 0.0))
var1 = struct.unpack('f', var1.mb.read())

With the array module you can do this:

temp_array = array.array('h', [1, 2, 3])
temp_array_ptr = order_array.buffer_info()[0]

Is there a way to get the address of a variable or struct using the standard
python libraries? I'm wondering if there is a python function to do this
that I have not found.


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> > Is there a reason an array has a buffer_info() method but a
> struct doesn't?
> > This would be a nice addition to the struct object. Does anyone know if
> > there are plans to add this?
> Probably because a struct is not an object. At least in 1.5.
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