socket troubles (repost)

Sean Conley sconley at
Wed Feb 16 19:26:47 CET 2000

On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, David Fisher wrote:

> Anyhoo, your code was fine for send and recv on a socket, the problem
> was that telnet protocol is more that just sending and receiving.  I
> don't know what the protocol is, luckily I don't have to, the
> telnetlib does.  And by another lucky coincidence you can pass a
> Telnet object instead of a socket to the Tk handers.  Cool huh?

Yeah, I knew this.  The telnet protocol also involves doing some negotions
of options like echo, terminal type, etc.  I actually looked at the telnet
lib, and forgot about it, thanks for reminding me.  :o) 
> Before you go any further, why reinvent the wheel?  Search the vaults
> of parnassus ( for 'mud' and you might
> find a few mud clients already written in Python.

I looked, and the problem that I've seen isn't the lack of clients, but
the lack of X based clients which is what I am looking to create.  There
are some very nice console based ones like TinyFugue, but I just haven't
seen one with all the features I want fo X. 

> BTW, on a style note, I wouldn't import all those modules using from
> import *.  I'd be worried about a name collision.  But, then I'm a
> slow, cautious kind of guy.

Thanks for the tip, I kind of figured this was the wrong way to do things
and had planned to change it.  As I said in my original post, this is my
first attempt at any type of Python code and therefore is ugly.  I do
appreciate you suggestions however.


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