Problem with sequence<octet>

Markus Kohler kohler at
Fri Feb 4 04:25:58 EST 2000

when using the following idl I get into trouble
when using the type sequence<octet>. Actually it seems that
the (un)marshalling code gets a zero pointer exception.

It works when I use sequence<long>( see the code I commented out).

I'm using fnorb 1.01 on Windows NT (precompiled).

module UserManagement

  interface TMA_UMService

    struct principal
	string name;

     typedef sequence<octet> encryptedRequest;
     typedef sequence<octet> encryptedSessionKey;
     typedef sequence<octet> encryptedTicket;

    //typedef sequence<long> encryptedRequest;
    //typedef sequence<long> encryptedSessionKey;
    //typedef sequence<long> encryptedTicket;

    struct answer
      encryptedSessionKey key;
      encryptedTicket ticket;

    exception AccessViolation
      string message;

    answer login(in principal aPrincipal, in encryptedRequest
anEncryptedRequest) raises (AccessViolation) ;



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