PyQT,PyKDE failure:

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Feb 23 14:38:33 EST 2000

Warren Postma <embed at> wrote:
> I tried to install some RPMs for PyQT and PyKDE and got the following error
> on my system. I had to install PyKDE using the following command because it
> didn't recognize PyQT as being installed on my system:

> rpm --upgrade --force --nodeps PyKDE*

> It was saying PyKDE requird PyQT but when I typed "rpm -q PyQT" it returned
> the correct version of PyQT as installed.

> Has anyone else got PyQT working, and what RPMs did you install?
> [i am using Red Hat Linux 6.1]

Did you install sip? I haven't got any experience with the RPM's,
since I tend to grab the sources, compile & install them (first
sip, then qt, then kde), but you might ask on the PyKDE mailing list
(, or, if your problems persist,
ask the author directly:
has the correct email address.


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