PIL Problem: New image is all black on Unix?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Mon Feb 21 19:03:46 CET 2000

Thomas & Jennifer Thompson wrote:
> I'm running Python v1.5.2 on Solaris 5.7 with PIL v1.0.  When I create a
> new image of type "1' and size xy with either white or black pixels,
> the image comes out black in both cases. So:
> >>> import Image
> >>> raw=Image.new("1", (20,20), 0xFF)
> returns a black image which I expect to be white.

untested workaround:

    raw=Image.new("1", (20,20), -1)

> These commands work fine on my Win95 system (Python
> v1.5.1, PIL v1.0b1). Is this a known bug with PIL and Solaris
> and will using the latest version of PIL for Solaris fix this?

wait, first you said "1.0", and then you said "1.0b1".
this is a known bug, but I'm 95% sure it was fixed in
the 1.0 release:



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