breaking the ; habit

R. O'Neil deathbed_tech at
Sat Feb 12 21:08:52 EST 2000

Wow that's nice.  Is that something that's standard for the language or is
it just a nice feature in the most common interpreters?

Ryan O'Neil

Jeff Bauer wrote:
> The great thing about Python for recovering C++-a-holics
> is that your don't *have* to give up your precious
> semi-colons!  Feel free to append end-of-line ;'s to 
> your heart's content.
> The hard part comes when switching back to Java or
> C, and forgetting to add the obligatory decorative 
> punctuation.
> <wink>-and-if-paul-prescod's-string.rstrip()-2nd-argument-
> ever-pans-out-you'll-have-an-easy-way-to-remove-the-
> semicolon-training-wheels-off-your-early-python-code-ly yr's,
> Jeff Bauer
> Rubicon Research

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