Dopy, Pyro or Fnorb: Examples of use and more

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Fri Feb 18 12:30:50 CET 2000


Just wondered if there are any examples, other than the ones in the
packages, of use related to Dopy, Pyro or FnOrb. I especially want to
see how huge objects can be transferred between server and client. Are
there any restrictions on this, other than those lined out in the docs,
things that have come up in actual use of the modules etc. ?

And, if anybody know of any reason to use any package over another, in
terms of stability, speed, features etc. I mean, I don`t want to create
a huge pile of code for something that won`t be updated anymore. FnOrb
is Corba-stuff, and that bothers me. It seems to have alot of
overhead/extra stuff that needs to be done for a project written in and
for Python. Why would I care about Corba if all I want is to use, send
and manipulate Python-objects?

Ok, that`s it.


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