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Radovan Garabik garabik at
Fri Feb 11 10:36:53 CET 2000

Robert Hicks <rhicks at> wrote:
 : I just read an interesting article about how the Ruby language is gaining in
 : popularity (specially in Japan). I found it interesting because it had a
 : direct comparison (several times) with Python. How will this language affect
 : Python? Will it drive quality and innovation? I hope so! What do you think?

Have you noticed how the author compared ruby's
syntax only with perl? :-)

 : Note: I think Python is a great langauge so do not take the remarks above to
 : mean that I think that the language is lacking in quality. I intend to be a
 : Python programmer for a long long time yet!

<AOL> me too </AOL>
it is correct, however, that python is a bt inconsistent about what is an
object and what not.

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