Blank ASP pages

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Feb 24 10:59:04 EST 2000

Jason S. Nadler wrote:

> My server is spitting out blank .asp pages which use python. If Python is
> not declared, the asp pages work fine.
> I just yesterday stepped up to Python 1.52 and the new win32all 
> After the install, the blanks started appearing.
> All the paths look fine in registry.
> Any clues?

You've asked before, and got no replies, so it's safe to say 
this is not a common problem among the asp users. So you'll 
need to go into more detail.

What's a "blank page"? One with nothing between <BODY> 
and </BODY>? What does view -> source show you in a 

Can you tell (from logs or whatever) that the Python scripts 
are getting run?

Have you tried setting the debug flag on the components and 
running with the Trace Collector?

(I know nothing about asp, so I won't be able to help).

- Gordon

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