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>> [2] I occasionally think about this problem.  The setup: GvR was far
>> too profligate in adding functions to bltinmodule.c that could have
>> been written in pure Python instead.  So, how many built-in functions
>> can you re-implement in pure Python? 
>These are possible:
>abs, callable, chr, delattr, divmod,
>execfile, filter, getattr, hex, input, int, isinstance, issubclass,
>len, list, long, map, max, min, oct, range, raw_input, reduce, reload,
>repr, setattr, tuple, vars.
>These aren't:
>apply, buffer, coerce, compile, complex, dir, eval, exit, globals, hash,
>id, intern, locals, round, slice, type, xrange

Hmmm?  What makes you say that range() is possible in pure Python and
xrange() is not?  (I think the latter requires a class with __getitem__
but is otherwise doable.)
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