[Doc-SIG] Monty: A structured text syntax idea

Karl EICHWALDER ke at gnu.franken.de
Thu Feb 10 02:19:01 EST 2000

"Tony J Ibbs (Tibs)" <tony at lsl.co.uk> writes:

|   Whilst I personally find it hard to read your markup because the
|   delimiters don't stand out visually to me (and no, XML needn't be
|   much more verbose - hell, it's only typing anyway), experience both
|   last round and this round shows that verbose markup just won't fly
|   (people in general won't do it).

Verbosity isn't bad per se :)

And please note, SGML doesn't have to be "verbose" at all.  The degree
of verbosity of an SGML document depends on the particular SGML
declaration in use (and on the author's will to apply allowed

Since it's quite easy to "convert" arbitray SGML documents (or fragments
of SGML documents) into XML -- e.g., with the sx utility, part of the
(open)sp tools collection --, authors should be free to use as minimal
SGML markup as they like.

XML was invented to make the software happy, not us human beings.

|   Whereas the single-character style markups *do* work (heh - people
|   use them in email!).

SGML doesn't need explicit markup at all -- but using such a style will
make your documents obscure and hard to maintain in the long run.

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